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What's in our bundle box?!

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ME essential oil roll-on

(1x 10ml Bottle)

Blended with premium jojoba oil, our roll-ons absorb very quickly into your skin and is non-sticky.

Choose from 5 different scents: Patches, Home, Nozzie, Jello and MO

Usage: Mask roller, moisturize cuticle, roll-on neck for relaxation!

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TEABITS Freeze-Dried Dessert (3pcs)

Enjoy a bowl of white fungus dessert in 5mins! Teabits freeze-dried dessert is made with natural ingredients. Easy to prepare. No additives. No animal contents. Vegan-friendly.

Random Loots

Multipurpose Chain

View the designs HERE ! Choose from more than 20 designs! These multipurpose chains can be used as a mask chain, bracelet, necklace and also as a spectacle/sunglasses chain!

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