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ME's DIY Diffuser Kit

Create your personal diffusers at the comfort of your favourite corner! You can use the diffusers yourself or gift it to your family and friends. Surprise them with your artistic talent and show off your creativity with our DIY kit today!

ME's DIY Diffuser Kit

  • Each DIY Kit comes with a step-by-step diffuser making video! A link of the video will be sent to your email. Do check your junk folder if you do not see it in your inbox.

    For the launch of our DIY kit, we are gifting 1 complimentary mould, worth $10 with every DIY kit purchased! (choose between Wing Mould or Palette Mould)

    Also included in the box:
    - Diffuser powder 600g (makes about 2 sets)
    - 6 colours, 5ml each (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple and Green)
    - 3 moulds in each kit (1 big, 2 small)
    - 1 scoop
    - 1 scraper
    - 2 measuring cups
    - 5 ice cream sticks
    - Bubble wrap and tissue as mat

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