Dear Fans,

Pre-orders will take up to approximately 7 days (from the day the order is confirmed) to be send out.

For customised orders to be received by 23rd Dec (meet-up), please place your orders by 17th Dec.

Ready stocks (specific designs) will be available for immediate purchase via instagram (@ModeLivingHome) for better control of stocks.

Thank you for your understanding!


For urgent or bulk orders, please DM us @modelivinghome or email:

We specialise in Handmade Diffusers so you can forget about your conventional diffusers where you need to light a candle or on an electrical-powered diffusers.


ME Diffusers simply need good quality essential oil + air circulation from your air-conditioner, fan or natural wind to scent your room. This natural way of diffusing scent allows you to keep your room scented with no worries of an open flame or electrical bills.


Join ME to do your part in reducing our carbon footprints and enjoy better quality of life.

Made in Singapore